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Hailed as “one of the great torchbearers for expressionistic cinema” by Montreal's Fantasia Film Festival, Baino was recently honored with a very exclusive Green Card only awarded to artists of “Extraordinary Ability”, thanks to his talent as a film direc- tor and multimedia artist.

At a very young age, Mariano left his native Italy and relocated to London, UK, where he wrote and directed CARUNCULA, a highly acclaimed short feature, which first showcased Baino’s arresting visual style, receiving rave reviews on the festival circuit. Next, Mariano headed for the Ukraine to begin shooting his first feature film, DARK WATERS.

The film went on to win, among other prizes, the Prix du Public at Montreal's FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL and, at the FANTAFESTIVAL in Rome, DARK WATERS was awarded the prestigious Vincent Price Award.

Whilst continuing development of his long cherished project, RITUAL, based on the best-selling novel by Graham Mas- terton, Mariano completed a short film, NEVER EVER AFTER, a dark, twisted fairy tale about a woman's dissatisfaction with her body and the miracle operation which promises to help her live happily ever after.

Apart from writing his own material to direct, Mariano Baino has worked as a screenwriter for many years. He wrote FLOWER OF SHAME, a drama set in Macedonia, for German Producer Vesna Jovanoska, who also hired him to adapt Chris Niles' urban thriller HELL'S KITCHEN for the screen. He also wrote a film adaptation of the classic noir novel 3 TO KILL by Jean Patrick Manchette for NoShame Films.

THY KINGDOM COME, another one of Mariano's screenplays, wrapped production in Argentina and was successfully released with the alternative title WINGS OF FEAR. He also adapted Nikolai Gogol's famed short story, THE VIJ, with act- ing legend Donald Sutherland earmarked to star in the film.

HIDDEN 3D, a stereoscopic film based on an original story Baino co-wrote with Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, was co-pro- duced by Oscar winner Don Carmody and released in 2013.

Mariano Baino will next helm the feature film ASTRID’S SAINTS, which he co-wrote and is producing with Coralina Catal- di-Tassoni who will also star in the role of Astrid.

Mariano resides in New York City



Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, a native New Yorker, is an award-winning actress and multimedia artist, with a devoted international fan following thanks to her performances in seminal European movies.  

Born into a family of Opera professionals, she began performing in her father’s Opera company at the tender age of three. As a young child, she moved to Rome, Italy, where she spent her formative years. She returned to the USA upon being honored with a scholarship offered to her by THE SECOND CITY'S famous Training Center for Improvisation in Chicago, IL, breeding ground for many of today's premiere comic talent (Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Mike Myers).

In 2016, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni won an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in the category of Actress: Leading at the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION, for her role as Lady Macbeth in the short film LADY M 5.1 .

Cataldi-Tassoni is best known for her film work (Opera, Mother Of Tears, The Dirt, Phantom Of The Opera) with renowned European directors such as legendary filmmakers Dario Argento, Pupi Avati and Luciano Odorisio. Recently, Coralina starred in Baggage Claim, directed by Golden Globe winner Irene Miracle (Midnight Express). She has performed alongside such screen luminaries as the late Oscar nominee Pete Postlethwaite (The Usual Suspects) and John Hannah (The Mummy, Sliding Doors, Spartacus).

Her career has been celebrated in numerous publications, most recently in the book CORALINA: LIFE IS ART/ART IS LIFE, edited by journalist Filippo Brunamonti (La Repubblica, Huffington Post). This prestigiouspublication has had the honor to been recently added to the research department at the New York Public Library for The Performing Arts.

"Mariano Baino and I have been working tirelessly on producing our feature film, ASTRID'S SAINTS, and consumed by all the business meetings, we felt that we needed a creative endeavor to remember who we are and why we chose to be artists. Playing Lady Macbeth was something that had been on my mind for some time now, so we went for it! And taking this leap with the magnificent director Baino made the adventure all the more exciting!" 

Next she will be starring as Astrid in ASTRID'S SAINTS, a feature film she co-wrote and is producing with director Mariano Baino. 

Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni resides in New York City.

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ASTRID' S SAINTS, LLC   based in New York City and formed by Mariano Baino & Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, is a production company dedicated to artistic endeavor in all its forms and is primarily focused on in-house projects at present.

Baino & Cataldi-Tassoni are passionately committed to their creative visions and often enjoy uniting their talents and applying them to their artistic expressions, particularly in the medium of film.

In fact, on LADY M 5.1, they joined forces on the film’s production design, Baino adapted Shakespeare's work for the screen, edited the film, designed and handmade  all the creatures which inhabit Lady Macbeth’s surreal world, while Cataldi-Tassoni wrote the original music score and created the costumes.

In 2017 LADY M 5.1  won an Award of Excellence in the category of Actress: Leading at the Best Short Competition for Cataldi-Tassoni’s interpretation of Lady Macbeth.  The film had its USA premiere at MANA Contemporary and  MACRO, the museum of Contemplate art in Rome, Italy.

Currently, they are devoting their time to the production of the short film A MOVING READ, and of the feature film ASTRID'S SAINTS, both under the direction of Baino, starring Cataldi-Tassoni.


CHERRY BAR FILMS  is a collaboration of Andrew Libert, David Hand, and a network of skilled professionals representing specific services from production to animation.

ANDREW LIBERT ~ Director of Photography

Andrew has spent years working in photography and video in New York City, and has traveled coast-to-coast and overseas in honing his skills. As a man-on-the-ground at the three major New York airports, Andrew has produced a variety of films that cover everything from importance of safety on the ramp, to capturing special events and once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Andrew has raised the bar in agile video production for clients like American Airlines, Lord Abbett, and Legg Mason.

DAVID HAND ~ Creative Director

David has spent his career creating marketing material that spans all media. In video, mobile, online, and print, his creative mind has helped companies like Citibank, Fidelity Investments, MTV, PNC Bank, and Charles Schwab communicate countless initiatives concisely, beautifully, and with appeal for some of the world's most sophisticated customers.

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What would happen if Lady Macbeth were destined to relive her most harrowing moment for all eternity? What could someone, or something, for whom human emotions were totally incomprehensible learn by observing Lady Macbeth’s agony over and over again? 

Those were just two of the questions I asked myself as I started writing what became the story of our film. 

It all started when the passionately talented Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni came up with the idea of making a short film based on Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy in act 5, scene 1 of Macbeth. I thought it would be a privilege to adapt one of the Bard’s most famous soliloquies from one of his most famous plays. Without mentioning that having Coralina as my leading lady was an opportunity too good to miss! 

So I dove headfirst into an adaptation of one of the most adapted writers in history, fueled by my endless fascination for Shakespeare’s ability to capture the very essence of human nature and my admiration for his ability to move us, entertain us, make us think. And, above all, make us feel. 

And then I used his marvelous writing as a springboard to come up with my own wild flight of fancy. 

I hope the resulting short film ends up entertaining you, moving you and making you think. And, above all, I truly hope it makes you feel .